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Performance Tuning a Dedicated SQL Pool

Sarath Sasidharan has some guidance for us:

Synapse Dedicated pools have been battle tested at enterprise customers across the globe. We deal with data in the magnitude of PetaBytes. Synapse can provide you with the scale of the cloud and the high performance required for your enterprise-grade requirements.  The key to maximizing your performance is to follow best practices, check out best practices for dedicated SQL pools in Azure Synapse Analytics

Failure to do so causes performance issues. In such scenarios, is it important to understand where the bottlenecks are. This blog focuses on the different steps a query goes through; from the time the query is fired from the client until it returns back.  Delay caused in any of the steps would impact the overall run-time of the query and hence indicate degraded performance.

Click through for a walkthrough of each step along the way, potential problems you could run into, and remediations for those problems. Much of the advice is similar to what you’d get with SQL Server, though there are differences interspersed throughout each level.