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Migrating from Elasticsearch to Azure Data Explorer

Bhaskar Kakaraparthy does a logging switcharoo:

This article is an extension to an existing article to migrate data from Elastic Search to Azure Data Explorer (ADX) using Logstash pipeline as a step-step-step guide.  In this article, we will explore the process involved in migrating data from one source (ELK) to another (ADX) and discuss some of the best practices and tools available to make the process as smooth as possible.

Using Logstash for data migration from Elasticsearch to Azure Data Explorer (ADX) was a smooth and efficient process. With the help of ADX output plugin & Logstash, I was able to migrate approximately 30TBs of data in a timely manner. The configuration was straightforward, and the data transfer with ADX output plugin was quick and reliable. Overall, the experience of using ADX output plugin with Logstash for data migration was positive and I would definitely use it again for similar projects in the future.

Read on to see how.