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Roles and Privileges in Postgres

Ryan Booz gives us an introduction to Postgres security:

Recall that in PostgreSQL both users and groups are technically roles. These are always created at the cluster level and granted privileges to databases and other objects therein. Depending on your database background it may surprise you that roles aren’t created as a principal inside of each database. For now, just remember that roles (users and groups) are created as a cluster principal that (may) own objects in a database, and owning an object provides additional privileges, something we’ll explore later in the article.

For the purposes of this article, all example user roles will be created with password authentication. Other authentication methods are available, including GSSPI, SSPI, Kerberos, Certificate, and others. However, setting up these alternative methods is beyond what we need to discuss object ownership and privileges.

Read the whole thing if you’re doing anything with Postgres.