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Finding Blockers in Azure SQL DB + MI

Jose Manuel Jurado Diaz writes a program:

Today, I worked on a service request that our customer is looking for all blocking issues that is happening in their database. We have many articles about it Lesson Learned #22: How to identify blocking issues? – Microsoft Community Hub and in Diagnostics Settings and QDS we can collect this information but all points to that we cannot see the TSQL that is blocking and TSQL command that is blocked in an easy way. In the following script that I share as a script example we could take this one. 

First of all, please, remember that a blocking issue is normal and fundamental for any RDBMS. This script is basically when you need to understand what is happening to improve or reduce this.

I was a little surprised the answer wasn’t to use Extended Events, though this does work if you simply need something to run in ad hoc scenarios.