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Day: December 23, 2022

Working with R in AML v2

Tomaz Kastrun ends the advent of Azure ML on a downer:

R language and Azure Machine Learning SDK for R was deprecated a year ago (end of 2021). But R can be still used for training and deployment by using Azure Machine learning CLI 2.0!

Furthermore, R language can be used in Machine Learning Designer, for data preparation, data wrangling and statistical analysis.

You can work with R but they make sure everything is more difficult.

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Script Activity Outputs to ForEach Inputs with ADF

Meagan Longoria links in a script:

In early 2022, Microsoft released a new activity in Azure Data Factory (ADF) called the Script activity. The Script activity allows you to execute one or more SQL statements and receive zero, one, or multiple result sets as the output. This is an advantage over the stored procedure activity that was already available in ADF, as the stored procedure activity doesn’t support using the result set returned from a query in a downstream activity.

However, when I went to find examples of how to reference those result sets, the documentation was lacking. 

Click through as Meagan corrects a gap in documentation.

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Finding Rogue Line Feeds

Bill Fellows finds out whose line (feed) it was, anyway:

I ran into an issue today that I wanted to write about so that maybe I remember the solution. We ran into a case where the source data in a column had an unprintable character. In this case, it was a line feed character, which is ASCII value 10, and they had 7 instances in this one row. “How did that get in there? Surely that’s an edge case and we can just ignore it,” and dear reader, I’ve been around long enough to know that this is likely a systemic situation.

Click through for two ways of answering this against data already in SQL Server, as well as one additional route explained but sans demonstration.

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