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Azure SQL Database Performance Roundup

Reitse Eskens shares the goods:

In the past 9 blogs, I’ve shown you all sorts of Azure SQL database solutions and gave them a little run for their money. I’ve tested a lot and written about them. This blog will be about the summation of the data and my views on the combined graphs. At the end I’ll wrap it up with my way of working when a new project starts.

But before I kick off, a little Christmas present. What I didn’t do, until now, is give you access to more raw data. Now is the moment to give you more raw number to play around with for yourself and do your own analysis. Fun as it might be, I’d highly encourage you to use my sheets as a jumping point and adapt them for your own workloads. You can find the two Excel files via the link for the scripts.

This is a post I’d been waiting for, as it covers the comparisons between tiers directly, rather than inferring it from the various posts.