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Importing Delta Tables into a Synapse Dedicated SQL Pool

Mark Pryce-Maher does a bit of integration:

In June, Databricks announced that they are open sourcing Delta Lake 2.0Delta Lake is quickly becoming the format of choice in data science and data engineering.

To import Delta Lake into a Synapse dedicated SQL Pool you would need Azure Data Factory/Synapse Pipelines or Spark to handle the Delta Lake files.

This is not ideal because it adds extra overheads of complexity, time, and costs.

As an intellectual challenge, I wondered if it’s possible to import Delta Lake files directly into the dedicated SQL Pool and support features like time-travel. It turned out to be a great little project and a great way of learning about Delta Lake.

This turned out to be a bit more difficult than I would have imagined. Click through for the script and check the comments as well for a preview of upcoming attractions.

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