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Feathr in the Linux Foundation

Hangfei Lin and Jinghui Mo make an announcement:

We’re excited to announce today that Feathr is joining LF AI & Data, the Linux Foundation’s umbrella foundation supporting open source innovation in artificial intelligence (AI) and data. Feathr is a feature store that simplifies machine learning (ML) feature serving and improves developer productivity.

“We’re excited to welcome Feathr to LF AI & Data and for it to be part of our technical project portfolio (41 projects and growing) with a community of over 17K developers,” said Dr. Ibrahim Haddad, Executive Director of LF AI & Data. “We aim to support Feathr to expand its user base, grow its community of developers, become a leader within its own category, and enable collaboration and integration opportunities with other projects. We look forward to the project’s continued growth and success as part of LF AI & Data.”

Alex Woodie has more background:

Feathr was originally developed at LinkedIn to help manage and serve features used in its machine learning applications. Instead of manually working with features as part of an individual data pipeline, Feathr automates and standardizes the interaction with the data type, which is used in both the training and inference stages of machine learning.