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Replacing ZooKeeper with Kafka Raft

Dave Shook shows off the Kafka Raft protocol:

Apache Kafka® Raft (KRaft) is the consensus protocol that was introduced to remove Apache Kafka’s dependency on ZooKeeper™ for metadata management. This greatly simplifies Kafka’s architecture by consolidating responsibility for metadata into Kafka itself, rather than splitting it between two different systems: ZooKeeper and Kafka. KRaft mode is available in the Apache Kafka 3.1 release, though it is not yet ready for use in production environments. Refer to KIP-833 to learn more about when KRaft will be marked as production ready.

Below are several key resources to help you learn everything you need to know about the ins and outs of KRaft, its role in the Kafka architecture, and how you can get started in trying it out. These resources are followed by two others that let you “do stuff” with Kraft, i.e., run a KRaft mode cluster and observe how it works when various cluster controller related operations take place.

Eliminating the ZooKeeper dependency was a big goal for the Kafka team for several years. It’s not quite out yet but I’ll be interested to see how that migration works for companies.