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Azure Data Explorer UI Updates

Michal Bar has a couple of posts for us. First, updates to the desktop app Kusto Explorer:

Query Automation allows you to define a workflow that contains a series of queries with rules and logic that govern the order in which they are executed. Automations can be reused, and users can re-run the workflow, to get updated results. Upon completion, the saved Automation produces an analysis report, summarizing all queries results with additional insights.

Then, updates to the ADX web explorer:

It is now possible to embed Azure Data Explorer dashboards in 3rd party apps. This comes on top of allowing embedding of the Monaco editor in 3rd party apps.

Dashboard embedding allows you to easily share data with your customers in a way that allows them to interact and explore it.

Using the various feature flags, you can control the exact controls that will be part of the embedded dashboard experience. For example, you can decide to remove the share, and add connection menu items or others.

To learn more about dashboard embedding, please read this doc Embed dashboards 

Read on for the full changelog.