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Alternatives to the Dead Letter Queue in Apache Kafka

Kai Waehner can’t return to sender:

This article focuses on the data streaming platform Apache Kafka. The main reason for putting a message into a DLQ in Kafka is usually a bad message format or invalid/missing message content. For instance, an application error occurs if a value is expected to be an Integer, but the producer sends a String. In more dynamic environments, a “Topic does not exist” exception might be another error why the message cannot be delivered.

Therefore, as so often, don’t use the knowledge from your existing middleware experience. Message Queue middleware, such as JMS-compliant IBM MQ, TIBCO EMS, or RabbitMQ, works differently than a distributed commit log like Kafka. A DLQ in a message queue is used in message queuing systems for many other reasons that do not map one-to-one to Kafka. For instance, the message in an MQ system expires because of per-message TTL (time to live).

Hence, the main reason for putting messages into a DLQ in Kafka is a bad message format or invalid/missing message content.

Read on to learn the Kafka-based approach to dealing with bad messages rather than using a Dead Letter Queue.