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T-SQL Language Enhancements in SQL Server 2022

Chad Baldwin checks out what’s new:

I’ve been exicted to play around with some of the new features and language enhancements that are available in SQL Server 2022 so I’ve been keeping an eye on the Microsoft Docker repository for a new 2022 image. Well, they finally added it to Docker Hub! I immediately pulled the image and started playing with it.

I want to focus on the language enhancements as those are the easiest to demonstrate, and I feel that’s what you’ll be able to take advantage of the quickest after upgrading.

Read on for a dozen or so language enhancements. This isn’t as big a change as what 2012 brought but there is a lot of useful stuff in here, as well as more that has been publicly announced like APPROX_PERCENTILE_CONT() (and _DISC(), yeah, but bah humbug).