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Right to Be Forgotten in Delta Lake

Milos Colic, et al, tackle a tricky problem:

With Delta, we have one more tool at our disposal to address GDPR compliance and, in particular, “the right to be forgotten” – VACUUM. Vacuum operation removes the files that are no longer needed and that are older than a predefined retention period. The default retention period is 30 days to align with GDPR definition of undue delay. Our earlier blog on a similar topic explains in detail how you can find and delete personal information related to a consumer by running two commands:

The part I’m finding tricky here is, how does this handle “time travel” scenarios in which you’re looking at prior iterations of data? I haven’t run through all of the scenarios so this is just speculation, but it seems that even with all of these changes, you’d still have to worry about historical data containing that sensitive information.