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Making Daily Standups Worthwhile

Amit Nair has some advice:

 A Big No to technical discussions

This is the first reason why Daily scrum meetings take more than 15 mins. We can understand that Scrum Team needs to discuss the technical issue when they face one during the execution of a task. These technical issues need to be reported to Scrum Master as an obstacle or impediment, which need to be resolved later on not when the meeting is in progress.  

This is generally sound advice, especially because the idea of a daily standup is to together, quickly discuss plans and activities relating to the sprint, and make the team aware of blockers. Going beyond that is typically unnecessary. As teams get smaller, you can be a bit more lax with the rules; as you get closer to that 8-10 person team, you have to be pretty ruthless about keeping on time and on topic. Save the more detailed discussions for relevant meetings afterward.

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  1. Amit
    Amit 2022-03-30

    Daily Scrum is indeed an undervalued ceremony in Scrum which can be turned into a fruitful event if we do it right.

    Thank you Kevin for linking my blog here. Really appreciated. You can read our other blogs as well and shared your valuable feedback.

    My Blogs,(More to come in next month)

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