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Synapse and ADF Pipeline Dependency Diagrams

Kamil Nowinski uses one of my favorite tools for diagram creation:

Documenting objects dependencies of ETL processes is a tough task. Regardless it is SSIS, ADF, pipelines in Azure Synapse or other systems. The reasons for understanding the current solution can vary either: handover to other team/member of the team, troubleshooting, refactoring, debugging, investigating dependencies due to error, performance issue or others, as well as keen to remove selected/duplicated pipelines or logic.

But there is never a good time to make documentation, and even if that has been done – no one knows how much it’s up to date. The situation is not improved by the fact that quite often there is a lack of (free or built-in) tools for generating such documentation. Sounds familiar? I bet it does.

Click through to learn more and to see how to use that tool (Mermaid).