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Improving Managed Instance Load Performance

Niko Neugebauer provides some tips on improving data load performance when using SQL Managed Instances in the General Purpose tier:

In this blog post we shall consider some of the strategies for improving data loading performance in Azure SQL Managed Instance. These strategies apply to the repeatable ETL processes, meaning that if there a problem, data loading process can be repeated without loss of any bit of data or its consistency. Of course, these strategies do require a prepared design for the possibility of the repetition, but this is a basic requirement for any data loading process.

There are many great ways of ensuring high performance data loading and this blog post does not pretend to be exhaustive an ultimate resource, but it will provide a couple of known paths that can drastically improve the performance of the Log Throughput in Azure SQL MI.

Click through for some tips, including some which make sense on-prem and a couple which are specific to platform-as-a-service offerings.