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Creating Boilerplate Pester Assertions

Jeffrey Hicks builds a useful snippet:

During this process, I decided I needed to help myself speed up the test writing phase. I have a standard set of tests that I like to use for functions in my module. But copying and pasting code snippets is tedious. I know I could create a set of VS Code snippets, but that feels limiting and I’d have to make sure the snippets are available on all systems where I might be running VS Code. Instead, I wrote a PowerShell function to accelerate developing Pester 5.x tests.

My function takes a module and extracts all of the public exported functions. For each function, it creates a set of standard Pester assertions. These are the baseline or boilerplate tests that I always want to run for each function. Each function is wrapped in a Describe block. Although, I can opt for a Context block instead. This command will also insert tags. Note that my code for the tag insertion relies on the ternary operator from PowerShell 7.

Click through for the code.