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Extracting SQL Queries from SSIS Packages

Bill Fellows works from an…interesting…SSIS package:

Our job was to rewrite this into something more manageable and it appears Azure Data Factory will be the winner. Before we can do that, we need to document what the existing package is doing (the vendor has supplied the incremental load logic) so we can replicate it but in a more economical form. It appears to have the pattern (squint really hard at the picture) Execute SQL Task -> Execute SQL Task -> Sequence container => many data flows -> Data Flow -> Execute SQL Task. The Data Flow Task is named after the table being loaded. An ODBC source with a expression based query, named “ODBC Source 1” wired to an OLE DB Destination, named “OLE DB Destination”. How would you do it, especially given that there are 236 Data Flow Tasks embedded in a single container?

Click through for the answer.