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Az Powershell Modules and Users

Rayis Imayev troubleshoots an Azure Data Factory deployment:

To run these scripts, you will need to have Azure PowerShell installed on your DevOps agents (Azure Pipeline Agents). If your pipeline agents are Microsoft-hosted, then you’re good and all maintenance and software updates are taken care of for you. However, when you implement and install self-hosted agents, then additional software and component installation is solely your responsibility to maintain.

Recently, while I was configuring those pre- and post-deployment scripts for my Azure Data Factory deployment, I received the following error message, “Could not find the modules: ‘Az.Accounts’ with Version: ””. 

Rayis does have a working solution, but I do recommend against installing modules in System32 because that directory is supposed to be reserved for Windows. Instead, for multi-user Powerhsell modules, I’d drop them in %ProgramFiles%\WindowsPowerShell\Modules instead, following the general Powershell guidance.