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Reviewing Azure Options for PostgreSQL and MySQL

Maria Zakourdaev has a pair of info sheets. First up is Azure Database for MySQL:

MySQL is an open-source relational database that is widely used for web applications, it’s easy to use, reliable, secure, and fast.

Recently Microsoft have announced a new deployment option, Flexible Server, that is now generally available.

If we have a quick look at the available options, we now have Single Server and Flexible server deployment options.

Then we have Azure Database for PostgreSQL:

PostgreSQL is an open-sourced, feature rich and extendable relational database that handles high concurrency workloads easily. It supports complex structures, many advanced data types, Search Tree indexes and also got highly sophisticated query optimizer.

Azure Database for PostgreSQL is an Azure managed services running PostgreSQL community edition. With Flexible Server announced recently, you now have 3 deployment options: Single Server, Flexible Server and Hyperscale/Citus.

Click through for a quick comparison of each available option.