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Importing Azure active Directory Users into Power BI

Reza Rad gets an assist:

There are two main methods to fetch the Azure Active Directory information; Microsoft Graph, or PowerShell Cmdlets. Both methods are very useful. However, explaining both in one article will be overwhelming. In this article, I’ll focus on how you can fetch the information using PowerShell Cmdlets. The method I explain here is manual. However, the PowerShell scripts can be automated to run as a scheduled process (I might explain that later in another article too). Let’s see how it works.

The method explained here is exporting the AAD users into a CSV file first, and then Power BI imports data from the CSV. You can use any other intermediate data sources such as Excel, SQL Server, etc if you want to. You just need to use their PowerShell cmdlets or parameters to do that.

Special thanks to Aaron Nelson for helping on preparing the demo for this article. Anytime I have a PowerShell question, he is the master who just finds a way to do it in a few seconds. Connect with him using his blogTwitterGitHub, or LinkedIn profile.

Click through for the Powershell-based solution.