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Alerting on Blocking in SQL Server

Ajay Dwivedi sets up an alert:

Recently one of my LinkedIn friends contacted me for a blocking alert that would work on on-prem & cloud SQL Server instances alike. Previously I wrote blog post for on-prem SQL Server blocking alert which makes use of WMI based event.

So I wrote the following blocking alert setup code for SQL Server that has the below features –

– Send mail notification to one or more recepients unlike SQL Agent job which is restricted to only one operator.

– Parameter to control the consistent blocking threshold. Nobody wants spontaneous blockings which comes/goes.

– Parameter to control the mail notification delay. Say, I want to be notified every X minutes (defult 15 minutes).

– Parameter to control the mail notification subject.

– Separate mail notification for Blocking & Script failure itself.

Auto-clearing feature. Means, if the blocking is resolved, we should get an automated mail notification saying Blocking is cleared.

Click through for the instructions.