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Table-Valued Parameters and Dapper (.NET Core Edition)

Randolph West hits on a timely question:

A customer I’ve been working with for a while now has a monolithic ASP.NET MVC web application which we are porting to .NET Core 3.1 (and then almost immediately to .NET 6). One of our biggest changes was getting rid of Entity Framework and replacing it with Dapper, because performance is a feature.

To deflect the ire of EF Core aficionados out there, the answer is still no.

Dapper is a micro-ORM in that it does not do as much “magic” as Entity Framework. This necessitates more work at the data access layer, but we have the trade-off of speed.

I say this is timely because my team is working through this exact thing right now. For future reference, anticipating what my team is working on and writing a blog post which answers a question we have is an outstanding way of getting noticed here.