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ML Updates in Azure Synapse Analytics

Aria Jelinek and Nellie Gustafsson have some announcements for us:

Announced last week at Ignite 2021, data teams now have a handful of new opportunities to drive value with machine learning built directly into their Apache Spark pools in Azure Synapse Analytics.

With the general availability of our machine learning library for Apache Spark on Azure Synapse, data teams now have expanded access to both code-first and code-free ML tools for forecasting, model training, and pre-built AI. This library provides both familiar open-source tools such as LightGBM as well as proprietary solutions to provide a comprehensive, streamlined approach to ML workloads. Updates include PREDICT, a new keyword that supports scoring AzureML and MLFlow models directly in Azure Synapse, and integration with Azure Cognitive Services, now generally available.

Click through for all of the announcements.

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  1. Sam William
    Sam William2021-11-09

    With the help of Business Intelligence your business can easily perform functions in an easy manner. Machine Learning will helps you to perform better

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