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Azure Synapse Data Explorer Pools

Manoj Raheja tries announces another pool type:

At Ignite, we announced the public preview of Azure Synapse data explorer that makes it possible to query huge amounts of structured, semi-structured, and free-text telemetry and time-series data. The following are some of the key capabilities that make this possible:

– Powerful distributed query engine that indexes all data including free text and semi-structured data. The data is automatically compressed, indexed, auto-optimized, and cached on local SSDs and persisted on storage. Compute and storage are decoupled that gives you full elasticity to auto scale in/out without a downtime.

– Intuitive Kusto Query Language (KQL) that is highly optimized for exploring raw telemetry and time series data using Synapse data explore’s best-in-class text indexing for efficient free-text search, regex, and parsing on traces\text data.

– Comprehensive JSON parsing capabilities for querying semi-structured data including arrays and nested structure.

– Native, advanced time series support for creation, manipulation, and analysis of multiple time series with in-engine Python and R execution support for model scoring.

Click through for a demonstration, showing that this is for more than just logs.