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Automating Single Table Refresh with Azure Data Factory and Azure Automation

Marc Lelijveld wants to refresh a single table:

Back in February, I wrote a blog on how you can trigger a single table to refresh in your Power BI data model. This blog described how you can achieve this goal using a PowerShell script and the ASCmd cmdlets for Analysis Services, which also works for Power BI Premium. In the wrap-up of that blog, I promised to follow-up with a blog on how to achieve the same goal with Azure Data Factory. It took a little bit longer than expected to finalize this post, but here it is!

In this blog, co-authored by my colleague Paulien van Eijk, we will describe how you can automate your single table refresh in the Power BI Service, including all dependencies with downstream dataflows using Azure Data Factory and Azure Automation. All this is based on real life scenarios and a solution build in collaboration between Dave Ruijter, Paulien and me.

Read on for Marc and Paulien’s solution.