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Push-Based Shuffle in Apache Spark 3.2 via Project Magnet

Venkata Krishnan Sowrirajan and Min Shen announce that Project Magnet will be in Apache Spark 3.2:

Push-based shuffle is an implementation of shuffle where the shuffle blocks are pushed to the remote shuffle services from the mapper tasks in order to address shuffle scalability and reliability issues. In a nutshell, with push-based shuffle, a large number of small, random reads is converted into a small number of large, sequential reads, which significantly improves disk I/O efficiency and shuffle data locality.

This is explained in greater detail in an earlier blog post, Magnet: A scalable and performant shuffle architecture for Apache Spark, which you can read for more information about how we achieve push-based shuffle.

Read on to see when this matters and how you can make use of it once you’re in Spark 3.2 (whose first release was exactly two weeks ago, October 13th).