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Dynamic Parameter Code in Powershell

Jeffrey Hicks shows off some Powershell 7 functionality:

One of the topics we’ve discussed in the PowerShell Cmdlet Working Group is a request to make it easier to insert dynamic parameters. I am a bit torn on this. On one hand, I see the value in dynamic parameters. These are parameters that only exist if some condition is met, such as if the current location is in the Windows registry. The downside is that these parameters are difficult to discover and awkward to document. On top of that, the PowerShell code necessary to define a dynamic parameter is complicated and definitely not beginner-level. This is what I think the issue is really all about. So I decided to write my own tooling to make it easier to insert dynamic parameters.

Some of those examples go from “This looks reasonable” to “That’s a lot of code” pretty quickly. In fairness, though, this isn’t the type of thing you’ll write every day.