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Scaling an Azure SQL Managed Instance

Arun Sirpal wants more power:

No doubt there will be times where you need to scale up the actual instance in terms of vCores but also you may want to move across tiers (for example General Purpose to Business Critical). If you remember a few blog posts ago I said it was really important to plan for these activities during the build phase, more specifically get the subnet range right. If you done that then you will be fine.

Click through for the process, though do note the amount of time it takes. One of the early ideals of cloud processing would be that you could seamlessly scale up and down with no effects on the end user. In some services (especially things like function apps, web apps, and VMs in a Kubernetes pod), you get that experience. When it comes to almost anything data-related, though, immediate scaling is a hard no, to the point where I’d assume you can’t afford the downtime to do it until proven otherwise.