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Starting SSMS with a Different Windows Login

Jack Vamvas does a thing I wish we could do innately in SQL Server Management Studio:

I  am logged onto my desktop with my primary Active Directory ID.  I need to log onto a SQL Server with SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) with another Active Directory ID – the alternative ID has   valid  SQL Server security privileges on the target SQL Server. 

How can I log onto the target SQL Server with the alternative login  , remain on my desktop and use the alternative Active Directory ID ?

By the way, if you need to connect to a remote domain but your machine isn’t a member of that domain, add the /netonly flag to Jack’s answer. I’ve had to do this before when VPN’d into a network with a laptop not registered on that domain. Another tip is that, if you do this a lot, you might want to create a Windows shortcut which includes the full command.