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Adaptive Query Execution in Spark 3

Amarjeet Singh explains what Adaptive Query Execution is in Apache Spark:

As we all know optimization plays an important role in the success of spark SQL. Therefore, a lot of work has been done in this direction. Before spark 3.0, cost-based optimization was a major hit in which different stages related to cost (based on time efficiency and estimated CPU and I/O usage) are compared and executes the strategy which minimizes the cost. But, because of outdated statistics, it has become a sub-optimal technique. Therefore in spark 3.0, Adaptive Query Execution was introduced which aims to solve this by reoptimizing and adjusts the query plans based on runtime statistics collected during query execution. Thus re-optimization of the execution plan occurs after every stage as each stage gives the best place to do the re-optimization.

Item number 2 from the list is also available in SQL Server, giving you an idea that this is an active battleground for query processing in data platform technologies.