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Automating Notebook Execution with Powershell

Julie Koesmarno shows off an automation process for notebooks:

When I first think about automation, I generally think in the following way: in order to automate a script, we want to ensure that the script itself can be run via a command line interface (CLI) and with almost no user interaction (except for input and output parameters). Now, how do we apply this to Jupyter Notebooks so that we can automate SQL notebooks or PowerShell Notebooks?

The good news is that these SQL notebooks and PowerShell notebooks that we’ve created using Azure Data Studio, can be run on PowerShell CLI. If these notebooks can be run on PowerShell CLI, that means any automation systems or serverless architecture (Azure Automation combined with Azure Logic Apps as an example) should be able to run these notebooks also.

In this blog post, I’ll cover examples on using Invoke-SqlNotebook, using Invoke-ExecuteNotebook and putting it together with Azure Automation.

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