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Using Database Projects for Declarative Database Development

Haroon Ashraf explains the principles behind database projects and demonstrates their use:

This article is all about declarative database development using Azure Data Studio for both beginners and professionals who are new to it.

Additionally, some professional life tips in the context of the topic are also shared. The importance of declarative database development over its counterparts can also be fairly understood by going through this article.

Conceptually, I love it. Focusing on the end state is easier to understand. The problem I run into is that the tooling for generating change scripts is not great. It works for trivial database sizes, but as soon as you start talking dozens or hundreds of gigabytes of data, database projects have a tendency to do rather drastic changes which require rebuilding the table, when they could (with a bit of human smarts) perform an action which is much less disruptive. So in the end, you still end up needing to create change scripts.