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SSMS Templating

Kenneth Fisher shows off templating in SQL Server Management Studio:

Several times over the last few weeks I’ve gotten a request to create a new work database. The individuals from this team each have their own database that they can use as a type of scratch pad and I guess they’ve been hiring. It’s simple enough to create the database and then grant the necessary permissions, but let’s face it, after the first time I was already tired of the GUI and scripted the process out. Running the script was better but I quickly became annoyed at having to make changes to the script. User names etc. So I decided to create a more permanent script. My first thought was to use dynamic SQL. While that would work, and I’m certainly comfortable with dynamic SQL, it just didn’t feel right for this. I decided in the end to use a trick from templates. If you set up parameter(s) in the file you can use Ctrl-Shift-M to scroll through them and make changes. In an odd twist these are called template parameters

Click through for a demo.