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Granular Permissions for Dynamic Data Masking

John Martin reviews a change:

All the way back with SQL Server 2016 Microsoft released the Dynamic Data Masking feature in the database engine. It seemed like a huge step forward and promised so much, but there were severe limitations around the way that we could control who sees what masked data. It was a case of you either got to see masked data wherever it was configured, or you saw clear data, there was no granularity. I wrote about this and a few other things to do with Dynamic Data Masking all the way back in August of 2016 when I was at SentryOne. You can check that post out here. Also, back then I created several Connect items (blast from the past there), one of which was pulled over to the user voice replacement where I was asking for the UNMASK securable to be made more granular, you can check that out here.

So, why I am I writing this post? Well, it seems that our (my?) request has been granted. At least in Azure SQL Database. On March the 17th this year a little announcement slipped out stating “General availability: Dynamic data masking granular permissions for Azure SQL and Azure Synapse Analytics“. So, has this delivered on what we wanted, to really help this feature live up to its promise?

Read on to see how it works and what John thinks of the whole thing.