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Continuous Backup with Cosmos DB

Hasan Savran reviews a new bit of functionality in Cosmos DB:

     Azure Cosmos DB announced Continuous Backup in Cosmos DB on March 2021. This feature is currently in public preview mode and It is not recommended to use in production. This option gives you more options for your backup requirements. You might be using Azure Data Factory to handle your custom backup needs. Azure Data Factory is the SSIS in cloud. ETL jobs can be problematic. Backing up a database is half of the problem; other half is restoring a database. Until now, we had to call Microsoft to restore Cosmos DB databases/accounts.
    By using Continuous backup, you can easily backup and restore your database. For now, this option is available only for SQL API and Mongo API. There are many limitations in this public preview version. I am sure many of these limitations will go away when it becomes generally available to everybody.

Click through for more details about the offering, as well as how to enable it. We’ll have to wait until it’s out of public preview to see how much it will cost, but it does look interesting.