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Thinking About Power BI Premium Per User

Martin Schoombee has an analysis for us:

When Power BI Premium was released in June 2017, many of us felt left out as the jump from Pro to Premium was just too high…unless you were an Enterprise-level customer that could afford the ~$5,000/month price tag. The economics just didn’t make sense for most people, and the size limitations of Power BI Pro was still a concern to companies who wanted to jump on board.

At Microsoft Ignite this year, we finally got the answer we were waiting for. The pricing for Power BI PPU (Premium Per User) was announced and will be generally available in April 2021. With the price set at $20/user per month, which is better than I expected, I think the landscape is going to change in a significant way. Let me explain…

I’m tied in reasonably well to the Power BI blogging space and I’m a bit shocked that Power BI Premium Per User hasn’t been the recipient of a lot more excitement. I typically live on the budget side of things and disliked the $5K entry point for Premium. At $20 per user, I’m quite happy. Martin does point out a third scenario, however: using Azure Analysis Services plus Power BI Professional. But even in his chart, I think I’m still picking Premium Per User over AAS + Pro due to the additional functionality at approximately the same price.