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Fuzzy Joins in SQL Server using R

Rajendra Gupta shows how you can use R in SQL Server Machine Learning Services to perform fuzzy joins:

Suppose you have a web page where users right comments in the text box. You are performing data analysis. However, there are few spelling mistakes, and you want to perform the approximate match or fuzzy lookup in another dataset. Similarly, you have a product catalog database. Your users search for a product; however, they might not type the exact keyword for the product name. Using the fuzzy joins, we can return the user the products with an approximate match to the product names.

SQL Server Machine Learning using R scripts enables you to execute the R language queries inside the SQL Server. In the previous articles, we explored a few use-cases of the machine learning language. In the previous articles, we explored the R scripts for the below topics.

It’s R, so there’s already a package in CRAN for that.