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T-SQL Tuesday 134 Roundup

James McGillivray summarizes the results from T-SQL Tuesday #134:

When I volunteered to host a T-SQL Tuesday, I had a very different topic in mind. However, the incredible events of the last year, and in particular, the immense pressure that my wife faced at work, made me realise how important it is to have ways to take breaks, both mental and physical. And while we were away in December, and we both recharged, I thought it would make a good topic for this event. It was wonderful to see the response from the #sqlfamily to my invitation, and by my count 29 different people contributed to the blog party.

I’ve tried to group posts with similar themes in this summary, and since some posts fall into multiple categories, I may mention a single post more than once. Links on names point to Twitter handles, links on descriptions point to the respective blog posts.

Click through for a rather large roundup.