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Extracting Refresh Metrics for a Power BI Workspace

Marc Lelijveld wants to pull some metrics:

In the Power BI service, you can easily look at refresh times for an individual dataset or dataflow. There are many different reasons why these metrics are important to you as a dataset or dataflow owner. For example, you may bump into refresh time-outs or unfortunate errors. There are many good reasons to think about why you want to have more insights in your refresh metrics.

Having that said, it can be a pain to look at these metrics every day. Power BI already offers a way to send automatic notification in case of a refresh failure. Though, I would personally prefer to have more insights in all my refresh metrics, whether they are failing or succeeding.

In this blog I want to share a way how you can export all refresh metrics for your datasets and dataflows using a PowerShell script.

Click through to see how and to get a copy of the script.