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Working with SQL Server Certificates in Powershell

Peter Schott walks us through the process of certificate maintenance:

I recently had a need to add certificates to SQL Servers throughout an organization. There were quite a few servers to update and the certificates would need to be generated using a given format. This would include some descriptors for the names, IPv4 address, and ensuring that SQL Server would see the certificate when finished.

I realized this would need some sort of script so reached for PowerShell and the dbatools module. There’s a function in dbatools that supports setting the SQL Server Certificate and I knew that would be useful. But first, I had to generate the certificate itself. I read up on this in PowerShell and there’s no “easy” button for creating a certificate at this time, especially not when you need to add extra properties.  Posts such as this one helped me get started. It works by creating an INF file, then shelling out to “certreq.exe” to generate the CSR file needed to obtain a certificate from a certificate authority. We had need to use the DNS name, the FQDN, and the IPv4 address as part of our certificate request, so I had to adjust my code to handle that.

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