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Tumbling and Sliding Windows in Flink

Kundan Kumarr takes us through two different window types in Apache Flink:

In the previous blog, we talked about Flink’s windows operator, a heart of processing infinite streams. Generally in Flink, after specifying that the stream is keyed or non keyed, the next step is to define a window assigner. The window assigner defines how elements are assigned to windows. Flink provides some useful predefined window assigners like Tumbling windowsSliding windowsSession windows, Count windows, and Global windows. We can use any of them as per our use case or even we can create custom window assigners in Flink.

In this blog, we will learn about the first two window assigners i.e., Tumbling and sliding windows. These two window assigners, assign elements to windows based on time, which can either be processing time or event time.

Click through for a description of each.