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Securing a Kafka Deployment

Rick Spurgeon and Nikoleta Verbeck give us some tips on securing Apache Kafka:

Confluent Platform provides Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), which addresses the gaps listed above. RBAC and ACLs perform similar functions but approach the problem differently and can be used independently or cooperatively. RBAC is powered by Confluent’s Metadata Service (MDS), which integrates with LDAP and acts as the central authority for authorization and authentication data. RBAC leverages role bindings to determine which users and groups can access specific resources and what actions can be performed within those resources (roles). RBAC is empowered on the Kafka cluster by way of Confluent Server. Confluent Server is a fully compatible Kafka broker which integrates commercial security features like RBAC.

The list of items is pretty straightforward with no major surprises.