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Setting Default Parameters with Powershell

Jess Pomfret takes us through the main idea behind PSDefaultParameterValues:

I first heard about PSDefaultParameterValues from a PSPowerHour session by Chrissy LeMaire in 2018. After rewatching this recently, I realised she even mentioned this exact scenario. However, it took until I recently rediscovered this handy preference variable that it all clicked together.

PSDefaultParameterValues does exactly what the name suggests- it lets you specify default values for parameters. PSDefaultParameterValues can be set as a hash table of parameter names and values that will be used in your session for any function that can use it.  A simple example is the verbose parameter. If you wanted to turn on the -Verbose switch for every function you run you could add -Verbose to each function call, or you could set PSDefaultParameterValues.

Click through for a few examples of how you can use this.