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Creating Charts with Azure Data Studio

Rajendra Gupta walks us through chart creation with Azure Data Studio:

Usually, we use to extract the data from a SQL database, copy it in Microsoft excel and creates the required Chart from it. We can also use various tools such as SQL Server Reporting Service ( SSRS), Power BI to import data and create charts, visuals from it directly. These tools work fine; however, it requires additional steps to install these tools, have intermediate knowledge of it. You might require to do this with different data set, and every time, you cannot create a separate visual using Power BI or SSRS. In this type of requirement, the most common useful tool is Microsoft Excel. You can also use PowerShell, but it again requires you to have PowerShell script knowledge. You can go through the article How to create charts from SQL Server data using PowerShell to create charts from PowerShell.

In this article, we will explore creating charts from SQL Server data without exporting it to separate tools Microsoft Excel, SSRS or Power BI.

There is some nice functionality available for quick analysis, though I’m disappointed that I can’t choose which column(s) to include in the visual—it looks like it simply includes them all. SandDance does, though its style precludes certain types of visuals like line charts.