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Technology Choices for Streaming Pipelines

The Hadoop in Real World team takes us through different tools available when working on streaming pipelines:

Businesses want to get insights as quickly as possible and do not want to wait for a day, like before, to bring up a report to understand what happened till yesterday. They require a more proactive approach that can help to act immediately when something significant happens and also to prevent the system from any faults/downtime before it occurs. Imagine you are buying some product from an e-retailer and you have gone till the point to make payment and something happened that caused the payment not to go through successfully. At that very moment, you are having a second thought about whether to buy the product now or later. Suppose, if the business is getting a report of this occurrence next day, it would not be of much use for them as the customer would have already bought it from somewhere or decided against it. This is where real-time events and insights come in. If it were a real-time report, the team would have called up the customer and made the purchase by offering some discounts, which in turn would have changed the mind of the customer.

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