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Progressive Disclosure in Power BI

Prathy Kamasani takes us through the implementation of a design idea in Power BI:

In the above example, I used a pattern to show details using action from the Card. When a user clicks on a card, the report will show details related to Card. It sounds straightforward, but it involves a lot of work using Power BI Functionalities: Buttons, Bookmarks, Sections, Grouping and Page Size.

There are few aesthetics I paid attention in this Report Page which are key for any landing page. Usually, a Landing page helps users to navigate around the Power BI Model, so it is important to highlight those navigation steps. In the above model, I used Buttons, labels and Images for navigation hints.

I like this for some uses, like giving analysts a chance to dive into the data. For an operational dashboard, I don’t like it very much unless the cards at the top alone provide me enough information to know whether I need to take an action; otherwise, it loses one of the most important concepts of a dashboard, glanceability.