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Color Band by Group in Power BI

Marco Russo and Alberto Ferrari show how we can change color alteration to switch from row to row and instead go from group to group:

The background color of the rows depends onĀ Sales[Order Number]. The background color switches between white and light gray every time the order number changes, so all the rows of the same order have the same background color and can be easily identified. You cannot obtain this visualization by only using a Power BI style, because the coloring of a row depends on the actual data in it. You can achieve this goal by using the conditional formatting feature in Power BI. You can set the background color of a cell according to the value of a measure. Therefore, you need a DAX formula that returns two values: one for the white rows and one for the gray rows. The value returned by the measure must alternate between those two values with each consecutive order number.

Read on for an example of how you can do this.