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Database Administration in Cloudera Data Platform

Gokul Kamaraj and Liliana Kadar walk through tools for the DBA in Cloudera Data Platform:

You can use Cloudera Manager to automate the process of upgrading the operational database in your Cloudera Data Platform-Data Center (CDP-DC). Upgrades are provided through releases or maintenance patches. Cloudera Manager installs the releases and/or patches and manages the configuration as well as the restart process.

If you are using CDP on a public cloud such as Amazon AWS, you have to create a new Data hub cluster to upgrade to the new versions of various components.  For more information about creating a new operational database Data hub cluster, see Getting Started with Operational Database on CDP

Cloudera’s offering is a cluster-based offering; upgrades and patches all span multiple nodes (servers) and installation, configuration, reboot are all automated, including rolling reboots where applicable.

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