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Metadata Integrity Checks in ADF.ProcFwk

Paul Andrew has another update to the ADF metadata-driven processing framework:

With this release of the framework I wanted to take the opportunity to harden the database and add some more integrity (intelligence) to the metadata, things that go beyond the existing database PK/FK constraints. After all, this metadata drives everything that Azure Data Factory does/is about to do – so it needs to be correct. These new integrity checks take two main forms:

1. Establishing a minimum set of criteria within the metadata before the core Data Factory processing starts and creates an execution run.
2. Establishing a logical chain of pipeline dependencies across processing stages. Then providing a set of advisory checks for area’s of conflict and/or improvement.

More details on both are included against the actual stored procedure in the database changes section below.

In addition to database hardening, I’ve added a few other bits to the solution, including a PowerShell script for ADF deployments and a Data Studio Notebook to make the developer experience of implementing this code project a little nicer.

Read on to see what’s in version 1.3. Check it out on GitHub as well.